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If you work with Nature; Nature will work with you…

At SuperSMARTFoods we begin our product development by asking these two questions:

What does the Modern Era require? And, what would Nature do? As the answers are understood, we then take steps to deliver the benefits.

One of our unique qualities in the marketplace is our process that produces products according to nature’s definition so that we may deliver the right product, to the right consumer, at the right time. This process is called The Natural Nutrient Delivery System™ and it allows for products to be produced that are chemical free, additive free, and synthetic free. All of our products are in consideration of the human hierarchal energy management requirement, the timing and rhythms of the 24 hour daily cycle, and are gender specific when required. Some products are for daily use and others are enjoyed in the reality of being-in-the-moment.

Trust that after over 40 years of understanding the metabolic patterns inherent with human physiology and nature’s blueprint, our product development will continue to offer solutions in support of optimal adaptability that are particularly relevant for the ever-changing landscape of human health.


Great respect…

A sustainable future for the planet cannot be achieved by any one person or one enterprise. Everyone needs to participate.

At SuperSMARTFoods™ we are always working towards being a leader in promoting a healthy and safe environment on many levels. We are continually looking for the “green elements” and the next steps towards a healthier planet. We have a strong desire to enact modification that will support healthy changes for a new generation. Above all, we live by the guiding rule of being honest, being responsible and helpful, living a healthy/adaptive lifestyle, and having fun.

Healthy Earth; Healthy People…

Dependability - Hundreds of Cultures, Billions of People


Returning to the Natural Ways…

What has history taught us?

Energy is the basic element of all life and all function. The routine of nature’s design is for the energy of life (sunlight) to be absorbed by the plants and then consumed by animals. This foundational understanding of sunlight-plants-animals has been known and appreciated by hundreds of cultures, through thousands of years and by billions of people. Organic chemistry is what we are made of, so therefore, we must depend upon what works. It’s the DESIGN.

It is a universal principle that you are what you eat, drink, and breathe. Today, the World Health Organization estimates that 80% of people worldwide now depend on herbal medicines for some part of their primary health care. This is great news; many in the “western” realities can now take notice and begin to accept nature’s benevolent circle of life.

As we continue in the modern day era to create “history,” it is our hope that billions will continue on the brilliant path that nature has designed for us…a path that we have named Adaptability through Variability™.

Nature offers the option; it is then up to us to make a decision.

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